Seeking an Evaluation

Are you interested in being evaluated or having a sleep study, but have not spoken to a physician or a healthcare provider? 

We can assist you in obtaining an evaluation. Please contact us. We will schedule a time for you to meet with a staff member and a physician for a review of your sleep problem(s). You can expect to undergo the daytime review of your situation at The Sleep Center. Appropriate sleep testing will be explained and scheduled if needed.

After initial evaluation at The Sleep Center, we will provide you with our recommendations and the resources available to help you. We will tell you whether a follow up visit with the physician is suitable or if testing should be considered and where that help is available.

Not sure that you need to review your problems with a professional? Review the sleep quizzes for additional information. Read about sleep disorders and review our Getting Started page. Would you prefer to consult directly with a sleep physician? Choose a sleep physician from our staff and contact them directly.

Directions and a map to our location are on the Contact Us page.