Our History

This Sleep Center site has developed over many years.  It is the result of decades of  clinical experience by our medical director, Robert G. Hooper, MD.   The site first appeared in late 2001 as the site for the first physician owned and directed, accredited, sleep-testing center in Arizona.  Over the years the center evolved to one  of the leading comprehensive sleep medical practices and testing centers in Arizona.  Awards followed with recognition as a top sleep physician for seven consecutive years. Time passed, regulations accumulated, reimbursements declined, and insurance began directing care, all of which led to the closure of the clinical practice and testing services.

The site continues in order to provide guidance to people who are experiencing sleep problems.  We hope the information and resources here lead to better sleep for those who use the site.

Now as time allows, we will be providing frequent updates to the site and frequent postings.

The only major change in our site has been how it is supported.  You may or may not experience ads.  They appear in order to help pay for the cost of the project.

What Our Patients Said

We are proud of our service and our facility. During 2015, our quality surveys report a 98% favorable response. Here is what some of our patients have to say about The Sleep Center, P.C.

I have never had a sleep study before and was a little nervous, but my technician was helpful and made me feel more comfortable.