After Testing – What’s Next

After Testing – What’s Next


The Process

          Evaluation by a professional

          Testing of your sleep

          Follow Up

          —-  Review of tests results

          —–  Treatment Prescribed if needed

          Long-term care if needed



Sleep testing is a complicated process. After a sleep test,

the recorded data has to be analyzed.  Many factors have

to be reviewed and considered. Some test results may be

straightforward and easy for a physician to explain and

for the patient to understand. However, often the results

are more complex and a careful review is required by

the physician with an equally careful review with the

patient to understand the results.  Most sleep centers

require several days to produce a full report of a sleep

study. Your center should provide you with guidelines as

to how long it will be before you can expect results.


As part of an evaluation, your physician or sleep testing

center should schedule a follow up appointment with

your sleep physician to review your testing to be sure

you understand the findings.  A few centers will have

their staff call and give you a brief summary of the test

results by phone when the follow up is scheduled or



What if a sleep disorder is diagnosed?  Your physician,

sleep physician or sleep center should direct you to

someone or provide for you on going care and therapy

for most sleep disorders. Often patients will need to be

seen several times before their therapy is stabilized.

However, patients whose condition resolves or becomes

stable under treatment should consider yearly visits to

their provider, more often if their condition requires.


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Updated June 2022