How to Select a Sleep Center

What to Look for in a Sleep Facility

  • Is the facility accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)?
  • Is each of the facilities, organized under the name of a single company, accredited by the AASM?
  • Is the ownership of the facility clear and easy to establish?
  • Is the center listed in the phone book?
  • If you call the phone number, does the person answering work at the facility
  • Can you visit the center during the daytime to see the facility and meet the daytime staff?
  • When you visit, is the facility clean?
  • Is the facility designed and to be used for sleep evaluations only?
  • Does each technician care for no more than two patients each night?
  • Is the staff friendly, professional and competent?

Sleep Center Ownership

Knowing who owns a sleep center will give you insight into the center’s primary business motivations:

  • Sleep physicans—Sleep physicians own sleep centers to provide a service and to control the quality of testing.
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems—Hospitals own sleep centers to provide a service and to direct patients to their other facilities and services.
  • Corporate, multi-city/state location, non-sleep physician systems and those of unclear ownership—These sleep centers are operated primarily to make a profit.

What to Look for in a Sleep Center’s Physicians

  • Is the medical director a certified sleep physician?
  • Does the physician medical director practice medicine?
  • Can you make an appointment to see the physician medical director?
  • Can you see a physician sleep specialist before any testing?
  • Are patients who require testing seen in follow-up by a physician sleep specialist?
  • Is the interpreting physician a certified sleep specialist?
  • Will the interpreting physician be available to see you as a patient?

The answer to each of these questions should be YES. If all the answers are yes – you have found an ideal sleep center.