Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Home sleep apnea testing can be used for the diagnosis of apnea in many situations. It is an overnight recording that you will carry out on your own. If your physician has ordered it for you, the day of your study you will have an appointment to pick up the testing unit at the sleep center.

Our staff will show you the unit and how you will the wear it for your test. They will help you fit any monitors that need adjustments. The units are easy to use and quite accurate. You will take the unit home to perform the test.

At your bedtime you will put on the testing apparatus and start the test with the push of a single button. When you get up for your day in the morning you will push the button to terminate the study recording. You will pack up the unit and return it to the Center where we will download the information recorded.

You should allow half an hour to pick up the testing unit as you will be getting instructions and we will make adjustments to the equipment. The unit will need to be returned the following morning. The time required for returning it will be brief.

Recommendations or results will be communicated to you within five business days after your test.

The Sleep Center P.C. is accredited to perform Home Sleep Apnea Testing by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.