Getting Started

Sleep Problems

Do you think you need an evaluation or sleep testing?

Do you or a loved one experience poor sleep, problems going to sleep, problems staying awake, movements during sleep or other sleep related issues? Is the problem significant? What can be done?

If you have questions about sleep you can:

Take our Sleep Quizzes for your own self-evaluation.

Learn about sleep disorders.
Read our Sleep Apnea Information sheets.
Review our FAQs section.
Visit our Links page for additional resources.

Make an appointment for a sleep assessment with your physician. Our review will provide you with a risk assessment for sleep disorders. Recommendations for your problem will be provided.

Discuss your questions with your current physician or make an appointment with a sleep physician.

Sleep Testing

Do you need a sleep test?  Having symptoms related to your ability to sleep well often means a sleep test is needed to evaluate the quality of your sleep.  Your physician will need to assist you with that decision.

If your physician has asked you to have a sleep test, then review:

Review our What to Expect information.
Read How to Select a Sleep Center.