Open Letter to Winston


Yes, I received your note.  I apologize for my delay in setting this up.  Your idea to post these so you can keep track of them was a good one.  I will select a few of my past notes and post them here for you.  

I found the first of my letters. We will start with it.

RGH August 1, 2022


It will seem strange to receive this from me, as we have not talk seriously except on rare occasions. I have been a family friend beginning decades before your birth.  Now, you are away from home with a new wife, pursuing a medical education.  A calling I have followed for more decades than I have known your family.  It is a difficult master with challenging hurtles and responsibilities that each of us experience differently.    

Our interactions are few and infrequent, intermingled with talk from family and friends on special occasions and holidays. Meaningful thoughts don’t seem to reach across the table or room.  Medical or should I say professional conversations often by there nature are inappropriate in those situations.  So, I have returned to the written word to communicate my beliefs, attitudes and some would say prejudices developed over my 50 years in medicine as first a doctor and now as a physician.

Do not be surprised by the letters or the subjects.  You may respond with your questions and thoughts, but do not feel obliged.  They represent an attempt to pass to you some little perspective on your chosen profession.